Cuztomized shipping APIs that meet all of our partners' needs

Gori.Ai shipping API deliver the best partner experience by offering a exclusive tools and features to ensure we meet the shipping needs of every single partner, which includes marketplaces, online stores, warehouses and more. Unlike our competitors, Gori.Ai is the only solution that allows online platforms to completely white label all of our shipping APIs.

Leverage Gori.Ai's exclusive benefits to appeal customers to your platform

shipping solutions

Automate your shipping process with our simplified Shipping API, Tracking API, and more.

white labeled

Gori.Ai APIs can be completely white labeled so your end customers never leave your platform.

discounted rates

Gori.Ai’s competitive discounted shipping rates are made available to all of your end clients.

Which integration do you need?

White label solution with decentralized billing

Create and manage separate accounts that include end customers’ billing information.

White label solution with centralized billing

Own and operate child accounts connected to your account and billing information.

UTM referral

Your end customers create their own EasyPost accounts and can provide you with their API keys.

White label all Gori.Ai APIs with decentralized billing

Our Partner White Label API allows partners to white label Gori.Ai by creating separate Gori.Ai accounts for end customers via the API. You pass through billing information so end customers can pay for postage and ship with EasyPost without leaving your platform.


White label all EasyPost APIs with centralized billing

Our Users API allows partners to white label EasyPost, but centralize billing for postage under one account. You can create child accounts with the API so end customers can ship with EasyPost without leaving your platform.


Refer end customers to EasyPost

Shipping API partners can refer end customers to EasyPost using a UTM tracking link, so referral volume is tied back to their account. End customers configure their billing methods and carrier accounts within EasyPost’s application, so there’s minimal development work for you! They can provide you with their API keys to manage their account and do the rest from your platform.


Trusted by the industry's top online platforms

Since we’re not hand-holding each integration, or stopping our development to deal with carrier changes, we’ve been able to work on our interface and scaling infrastructure.

— Josh Barnett, President @ SKU Labs

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3

Enroll as
a partner

Meet with us and become one of our valued partners to access the Partner API.

the API

Build integration into the Partner API that makes the most sense for you.

Update your

Ensure your platform can capture the required end customer information.

With you every step of the way

EasyPost isn’t like other Shipping APIs you’ve used. Getting started is fast and easy, and our dedicated team will be there every step of the way. We’ll help recommend the optimal path for you and share how other partners – just like you – achieve success with EasyPost.