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Multi-Carrier Shipping Rate Solution

The Way ShipBae Works

AI data optimization

Our Smart Rate Tool enables clients to optimize their shipments and save money, ship faster, and make smarter shipping decisions based on their business needs.

simple label creation

Simply enter in your package level detail to rate-shop between carriers and service levels for the right price and speed.

shipping address verification

Our Address Verification API provides your customers with the ultimate purchase experience by enhancing deliverability.

shipping warranty

When packages are lost, damaged, or stolen, Gori works directly with customers to order a replacement.

Dashboard to display your shipment data

It can help uncover patterns, trends, and relationships that might not be apparent from a single data source, leading to better analysis and decision-making.

Quickly get started by watching this video tutorial

ShipBae Video Tutorial

This is a tutorial video that allows you to make your shipping label easily and quickly in 5 minutes. It’s easy to follow, don’t be afraid!

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