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The platform helps businesses provide post purchase shipping warranty options.

Key Features


Customer Retention

We see an increase in Customer Retention when providing warranty, replacement and refund options.


3PL & MLM Optimized

Powering not just your average businesses we provide scalable solutions through out propriety API.



Unlike our competitors we offer our platform for a per transaction fee.


A shipping warranty is a type of coverage that protects items while they are in transit. The coverage provides protection against damage, loss, or theft.

You can purchase a shipping warranty online through our website. Simply select the item you wish to protect, and choose the type of coverage you want.

Our shipping warranties typically last for up to five days from the time of shipment. Depending on your needs, it may be possible to increase this coverage period as necessary.

Our shipping warranties cover claims for damages caused due to mishandling or poor packing, loss or theft during transit, and other unforeseen circumstances that result in damages. If your claim is accepted, we will reimburse you according to the terms outlined in your policy.

To file a claim, you will need to provide the tracking number, photos of the damaged item, and details about the circumstances that caused the damage. We also ask that you submit any receipts or other documentation that may be necessary in order to process your claim.

We strive to process all claims as quickly as possible. Generally, we will aim to respond within three business days of receiving all necessary documentation and information. It may take up to seven business days for the claim to be reviewed and finalized.

No, filing a claim with us is free. We do not charge any fees for initiating or processing the claim. However, if your claim is approved, you may be responsible for paying certain taxes and other charges associated with the reimbursement.

You may cancel your shipping warranty at any time prior to shipment. Please contact us if you need assistance with canceling your policy. If your item has already been shipped, then the coverage will remain in effect until the end of its duration and cannot be canceled or refunded.

If you do not use your shipping warranty and your item is damaged, lost, or stolen during transit, then you will be responsible for any associated costs. We recommend that all customers take advantage of the coverage to ensure their items remain safe during transit.

Yes, some items may not be eligible for coverage. We recommend that you review our policy carefully prior to purchasing a shipping warranty to make sure your item is eligible. You can also contact us if you have any further questions.

Yes, the maximum coverage amount for any one item is typically limited. Please refer to your policy for more information on the specific limits for each type of coverage. If you need additional protection for higher-value items, please contact us for more information.

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