Address Verification

Up to 35% of packages struggle to get delivered due to errors in address validation. Our Address Verification API provides your customers with the ultimate purchase experience by enhancing deliverability.

How It Works

Provide full destination address: unit, street, city, state, zip, and country.

EasyPost validates the address, correcting or flagging it.


Have peace of mind knowing that your package is headed for a valid destination.

Gori. Ai’s Address Verification Service

Complimentary with each label purchase

Once you’re integrated with our Shipping API, you have full access to our CASS-Certified Address Verification Service.

Verify addresses

Our Address Verification System accurately verifies addresses in over 240 countries and territories.


Gori Ai’s fast response time, robust infrastructure, and reliable uptime make our solution dependable.

Address verification for all major carriers
Getting started is easy

Take a look at our documentation and start building with one of our helper libraries (Python, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Java, and more). Avoid month-long integrations and start verifying addresses in minutes
with Gori. AI

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