Simple Label Creation

With Gori.Ai’s label creation tool, you can start shipping with major carriers in just minutes. Simply enter in your package level detail to rate-shop between carriers and service levels for the right price and speed. Access all major carriers, exclusive discounts, and one-click-ship functionality anywhere you are.

How It Works

Sign up for a free account.
Enter the package level detail and start shipping.

Choose your desired shipping service and a label will be created.


Verify shipping addresses, track packages, and insure against mishaps directly in the create label interface.

Small merchant shipping rates

Through Gori.Ai, small merchants can access USPS Commercial Plus Pricing for domestic and international shipments. Save money and time on standard shipping lanes with trusted carriers using our Label Creation Technology.

Save time with a streamlined shipping solution

Gori.Ai’s Label Creation Tool is powered by our Shipping API, the industry-leading shipping solution on the market.

Getting started is easy

Take a look at our documentation and start building with one of our helper libraries (Python, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Java, and more). Avoid month-long integrations and start verifying addresses in minutes
with Gori. AI

More than 100,000 savvy e-commerce businesses have mastered their shipping with Gori.