Leveraging Scan Forms for Faster and More Reliable Shipping

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Scan Form

Scan forms are revolutionizing the shipping industry by consolidating multiple shipping labels into a single barcode, streamlining the handling of packages. This innovation significantly reduces scanning time and enhances overall efficiency. It combines speed and accuracy, providing a solution that expedites shipping, ensuring reliability and traceability. In today’s competitive market, fast and dependable shipping is essential for satisfying customers and establishing a solid brand reputation. Scan forms are crucial in achieving these goals and are invaluable for businesses looking to expand without compromising service quality.

This blog will explore the details of scan forms in shipping, showcasing how they transform logistics practices and why they are essential for businesses aiming to excel in the digital age.


The Need for Faster and More Reliable Shipping

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant shift in how people shop, primarily online. This has led to a massive increase in package deliveries worldwide. More and more consumers are turning to online platforms for shopping, with 73% reporting that they shop online more now than before the pandemic. This surge in e-commerce has strained the existing logistics systems and changed what customers expect regarding shipping times. The old standard delivery options just don’t cut it anymore.

The impact of this change can be seen in the numbers from different countries. In the United States, package delivery services have significantly increased, with packages making up 5% of total postal service deliveries. During the pandemic’s peak, parcel delivery volume skyrocketed by 70.4%, showing how much people relied on online shopping. Canada and the United Kingdom have experienced similar trends. Canada Post delivered over 1.8 million parcels daily, which is comparable to their busiest time during Christmas. The UK’s Royal Mail also saw a 30% increase in parcel delivery volume. These numbers highlight the growing demand for faster shipping in today’s competitive market. Consumers not only want their deliveries to be prompt, but they also expect them to be reliable and efficient.

Businesses are now forced to adjust their shipping strategies in response to these changing dynamics. The primary focus is improving the speed and dependability of deliveries, as these factors have become crucial in ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. Avoiding delays and mistakes in shipping is more important than ever, as they can result in customer dissatisfaction and higher operational expenses. In today’s digital era, a company’s shipping efficiency can significantly impact its reputation, customer loyalty, and potential for future business opportunities. Therefore, reliable and fast shipping is not just a logistical goal but a vital element of a business’s success and customer relationship management in the modern e-commerce landscape.


Smart Manifest: Revolutionizing Shipping with Flexibility and Efficiency

Businesses are facing a growing demand for fast and reliable delivery services, and Gori Company’s Smart Manifest is the perfect solution to optimize shipping strategies. This innovative system is designed to tackle the challenges of the booming e-commerce industry. It offers a range of features that simplify shipping label management, resulting in faster and more reliable deliveries. Smart Manifest allows businesses to create shipments and adjust weight and dimensions quickly. This is crucial for adapting to the ever-changing online shopping patterns and the need for speedy parcel turnaround.

The integration of SCANFORM within Smart Manifest is a prime example of how technology and efficient logistics practices work together. As parcel volumes reach unprecedented levels, the ability to combine multiple shipments into a single barcode scan at drop-off points dramatically relieves the pressure on delivery infrastructures. This capability improves efficiency and takes us closer to a future where seamless and error-free shipping processes are standard. It ensures that customer expectations of reliability and efficiency are met and consistently exceeded.

In the ever-changing retail industry shaped by the pandemic, Gori Company’s commitment to innovation is exemplified by Smart Manifest and SCANFORM. These cutting-edge solutions empower businesses to foster robust customer connections in the face of the dynamic e-commerce landscape.


Embracing Innovation for Future-Ready Shipping

In the aftermath of a seismic shift towards online shopping triggered by the pandemic, the shipping industry has recognized the importance of scan forms in meeting the demand for faster and more dependable service. These innovative tools simplify handling increased package volumes by consolidating multiple shipping labels into a single barcode, significantly reducing scanning times and improving operational efficiency. These advancements highlight the need for businesses to adapt their logistics strategies swiftly to maintain customer satisfaction and establish a strong brand presence in the competitive market.

Understanding the necessity for this evolution, Gori Company’s Smart Manifest system leads the way in shipping innovation, offering businesses the necessary tools to adapt quickly and effectively to the changing landscape. With features that enable dynamic package adjustments and the integration of SCANFORM, Smart Manifest equips businesses to handle the surge in delivery volumes while meeting consumers’ heightened expectations for prompt and reliable service.

Discover how our solutions can revolutionize your logistics operations by contacting us or exploring Smart Manifest today – your gateway to optimized shipping and satisfied customers.